How Netflix Is Doing In Australia: 2 Stats That Should Scare Foxtel and Quickflix

netflix in australia

Netflix is rumoured to enter Australia early next year (that was later confirmed), but that doesn’t stop a few enterprising Australians from accessing it now. Actually, it’s more than a few.

The article we linked to said up to 200,000 Australians signed up with the service. There are also many anecdotes about the popularity of Netflix in Australia in the forums and social media. So we decided to look deeper into the subject*.

Let’s start with the basics: stat 1 – market share.

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How much does IKEA *really* overcharge Australians? Here's the data.

hacking store

There’s no shortage of coverage about how Australians pay more for the exact same product compared to their US counterparts.

We know, for example, that tech giants (like Apple and Microsoft) overcharge Australians for hardware. We also pay more for downloads. And if you look outside of tech, Australians pay more than Americans for just about anything – everything from fashion to watching a movie in a theatre.

This article is about another area in which we pay more: decorating our homes. With Australian house prices at sky-high levels, surely, we need a break in outfitting them you would think! … Apparently not. We’ll be diving deep into the data instead of using anecdotal examples so that we know exactly how much worse off we are.

The company we’ll be exploring? Australia’s most popular furniture company: IKEA.

If you are thinking of buying a piece of furniture (or anything) from IKEA, trust me, you’ll want to read this. We can save you, on average, 31% of your hard-earned dollars.

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Announcing The Pocketbook-Zookal Scholarship Winner

oscargif 4 months ago, to the date, we launched the first Pocketbook scholarship for student entrepreneurs in partnership with our friends, Zookal. Since then, we received an overwhelming amount of response – 53 essays flood my inbox in the first week of launch and an additional 51 stream in in the next few weeks, bringing the total to 104 applications from student-entrepreneurs of all kinds. Continue reading…

Why doing taxes on time can save you tonnes of money

There are few perpetual truths in the known universe. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the price of a carton of milk will always go up, the music of The Wiggles hypnotizes kids. You may have also heard about death and taxes.

While there’s the certainty of paying taxes, the process of filing your tax return is almost a certainty to be painful as well. In fact, more than half a million Australians have outstanding tax returns, often dating back multiple years. And when you Google for “outstanding tax returns”, you’ll find it’s a key service area for many accounting practices and the subject of many discussion forums.

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How I Find Remote Online Jobs To Enable Me To Travel Long Term (And Make a Side Income)

find work online

In this second installment of the series, “How I Travel Long Term on a Budget (Without Backpacking),” I want to delve a little deeper into the first way to make your working holiday come together: the Internet.

Most people don’t realize the variety of online jobs available these days. There are heaps. And the demand is extraordinarily high.

And there’s a reason why: in many cases, remote workers are simply cheaper for employers. Because you work remotely, they don’t have to worry about providing you with the tools you need and the office space. And because you’ll technically be a contractor, not an employee, they don’t have to pay superannuation either – or deal with the deluge of paperwork that come with a new employee.

Plus, they can hire more people to help when demand is high and downsize when demand decreases. It gives them flexibility.

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Financial Literacy and Teaching Kids About Money: It's More Than a Piggy Bank (And What To Do Instead)

teaching kids about money

Editor’s Note: What can you do to teach your kid financial literacy? It’s a question we often get from concerned parents. Here’s our answer.

First, your lessons have to be simple. Even adults glaze over when you talk about interest rates, fees, loans, etc.

Second, your lessons have to fun. I’m not going to go into the psychological studies of how making an activity fun drives learning, but remember that lecture you dozed off in in uni? Yeah? It’s just like that for your kids.

And that’s two of the biggest reasons why most financial literacy classes fail. And also what the people at Kids @ Switch solve best. They make financial literacy simple and they make it fun.

Today, we have one of them, Eugene, the Chief Creative Officer, to talk about the issue. If you have a kid, listen up. Enter Eugene.

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Card Skimming: What Is It And How To Protect Yourself

card skimming

You’ve probably received a personal email from a Nigerian prince looking to share his wealth with you. You’ve probably seen a suspicious email from a bank you don’t belong to asking you to reset a password.

Today, Australians are actually really good at coping with these. Only about 0.5-1% of Australians exposed to these scams are victimised according to the ABS. This said, still 800,000 Aussies fall victim this and other types of personal fraud – with financial losses accumulating to approximately $1 billion. That’s an average of $1,250 per victim.

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