How Naomi Took the Leap and Followed Her Passion

Editor’s Note: Naomi’s story reminds us that what we think we want may not be what we truly want, and that it can be a huge mistake to let this deceive us into pursuing the wrong career. Do what you love, and love what you do.


“Follow your dreams” is one of life’s great clichés, but how many people can say they really do? It’s more often that we become complacent and fearful of change. Bt in a dynamic world, there is no other way but to embrace it, run with it, and see where you end up. It can’t be any worse than where you currently are.

It was Info Day at the university and I had my head set on a career in dietetics. But as I entered the university and gathered information about the degree I felt uneasy, uncomfortable, and my heart began to question my direction. There was no time to contemplate; I knew I had to change my direction and follow my dreams – no more excuses, time to hustle!

It would have been obvious had I just read the clues of my past – my entrepreneurial spirit and passion were undoubtedly within me, wanting to be brought out further. It was time to pursue something bigger, something better than selling pet rocks on the street.

Since the beginning of a Bachelors of Commerce (Liberal Studies) at USYD, a bunch of new opportunities have emerged.

In 2013, it became time to dream bigger. Together with my 15 year-old brother, I co-founded World Burrow. World Burrow offers large businesses an innovative way to engage their local start-up and freelancer community by tapping into their unused office space and meeting rooms. We had a vision and we knew we had to think big and act.

We emailed multiple billion-dollar company CEO’s, explaining our vision, and simply requested a Skype chat or to meet them for a coffee. A response from Jeff Bezos’s secretary was exciting and represented a win for our hustling strategy. We even met a few key people from other companies.

The New Year brought a new energy and exciting idea. We re-boarded the ship and began exploring. Welcome to Sailr – the social marketplace. People can easily buy and sell products as well as share their latest purchases with their followers.

As we progress with this new venture, it is an exiting time. No time to waste, and so many things to do and explore in pursuit of a dream founded on the basis of self-belief and internal motivation. It’s time to hustle and make my next dream come true.

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