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Pocketbook brings it all from your bank.

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Always up-to-date transaction data

Why fuss with manually downloading and cleaning your transaction data? Pocketbook does it safely and automatically... and keeps it up to date.

Automatically categorise your transactions

Why bother with Excel formulas? You'll find 80% of transactions already smartly categorised. McDonald's is "food", the pub is "drinks".

Perfect charts for analysing your spending

Why waste time thinking about different ways to visualise your data? Our analyse feature have figured it out for you.

Recommended by financial professionals

Financial planners and accountants recommend Pocketbook to their clients. We make everyone's life easier.

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"Since using Pocketbook, I feel more in control of my money."

"I love that it reminds me if something is unusual, like a forgotten bill payment."

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Expense tracker and manager

Tracking spending and expenses is critical to achieving your budget, savings and personal financial objectives. There are also additional benefits, for instance doing your tax return or claiming back business related expenses from your work.

There are number of way people track their expenses, this includes:

  • Collecting all your receipts in a shoebox
  • Regularly reviewing bank statements and transactions
  • Using a spreadsheet to record weekly or even daily spending
  • Using expense-tracking apps to help with one or a combination of the above.

Organising your expenses for meaning

Tracking expenses for meaning is highly important. Organising the spending data along the way makes reviewing in the future much easier, particularly when using tracked expenses to make key financial decisions - such as applying for a loan, making a big purchase or creating a budget.

Some tips for easily creating meaning for your tracked:

  • Understand what's important to track - It's important to understand why you're tracking expense. Are you doing it for tax purposes or work reimbursements? Are you managing to achieve a budget or a savings goal? Understanding this reason means you can pay special attention to certain types of expenses.
  • Categorising expenses into different categories and buckets - Making sure you have a system to categorise your transactions into meaningful buckets is important. This can be work vs personal, bill vs non-bill, or the actual type of spending the expense relates to - like "food", "entertainment" or "car".
  • Organising expenses into a meaningful chronological order - Another way to make sure the expenses data is well organised is organising by time the transactions occurred. Typically the time can also relate to events, such as your mum's birthday, work trip to Melbourne or Valentines Day. All of that makes your spending that much more searchable.
  • Keeping electronic versions of your spending as backup - A way to not lose any documentation is to backup your data. This reduces your paperwork and will make things remarkably easier to search for. Using mobile photos is one way to quickly catalogue this. Another way is to make your service providers send you email bills instead.

How Pocketbook simplifies expense tracking

We created Pocketbook as a tool to help make expense tracking ridiculously simple. We help by fasttracking the importing and analysis of your spending data - making sense of your historical spending for you.

At sign-on, we take 60 seconds for you to sync your bank transactions and categorise up to 80% of transactions. So you can quickly understand how you spent on car, home and groceries. A process, which typically takes hours, now takes literally minutes.

We then repeat the process daily as we keep your data up to date, and the automatically alerts you when you have irregularities in your spending, such as a large bank fee or if you're late paying a bill. Together with features to let you capture receipts. Pocketbook is the simplest way to have everything in the same place.

Quite simply, if you want the easiest way to track and manage your expenses, then Pocketbook is the tool you must have.

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