How Lisa Took Control of a Bad Interview And Got the Job She Wanted

Editor’s note:Who says there aren’t second chances? There are as many chances for us as we create. In this inspiring essay, Lisa shows us that first impressions don’t have to make or break our dreams.


I have a knack for getting part time jobs, which, as a student in a family with three kids, is an incredibly useful skill as I have a need for extra cash. I had never been interviewed for a job and not gotten it until this past year.  I was studying abroad and needed to supplement my savings in order to afford my expenses, and learned about a job as a student ambassador.

I knew right away I would be a great fit for the job, I have worked in retail for years and love working in sales and promoting whatever business I am working for. The Student Ambassadors job was to run events for potential students at the university, to give tours, get future students interested, and whatever else was necessary to get them hooked. As a student who loves the university and a great salesperson, I was eager to interview and start helping future students find out why it is such a great university.

Unfortunately, in the interview I choked.  The employers organized a session to take information and I was the first in line. Little did I know the information session was also the interview, and sudden nervousness rendered me stuttering and looking like a fool.  Of course I did not get the job, and I went away disappointed while two of my friends came back with much more positive news: they had gotten the position.

Through my friends, I found out there was to be a training day the following week, where all student ambassadors would learn about their duties. I knew I would be good at the job and I would not take no for an answer without putting my best foot forward and making up for my terrible first impression.

I showed up before the training started and spoke with a manager, explaining my predicament. I had made a bad first impression, but I knew I would do a good job as a Student Ambassador, and that is what I told her. Since I showed initiative and was willing to work to earn the position I was given a second chance.

From there on out I worked hard and made up for my bad first impression. I really enjoyed the job, and just as I thought I would, I did quite well at it. I am glad I plucked up the nerve to try again despite such an embarrassing failure during my interview. I will take this persevering attitude with me into my future.

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