An end to missing bills

It’s an awesome feeling to have an ‘aha’ moment after you push out a critical piece of a product and see it working right off the bat. I had one of those moments last Friday when we put the final lines of code into our ‘bill predictions’ feature. Below is the picture I saw. Initially I actually thought there was an error in the code/data.

Pocketbook was telling me that I was over a week late in paying a Telstra bill. Not only was Pocketbook detecting that I had missed the bill, it was telling me the total amount I was missing.

Immediately I searched and found in my email the Telstra e-bill and yes – it had actually been due and I hadn’t paid it this month. And it really was $22.95!

I had simply forgotten – they had sent it over 30 days earlier and I’d lost track of it.

Bill Prediction

So it’s exciting to launch our bill prediction feature to help keep you on top of your bills. Based on the your previous bill payments, we’ll do some heavy lifting to determine when the next bill is due and how much it is likely to be. You’ll see these colour coded in blue in the calendar (e.g. 1st picture last row). Your previously paid bills are show in green and missed bills will show in a hi-vis orange. Easy.

In the coming weeks we also plan to roll out notifications built around our bills feature so stay tuned.

When my partner sees letters coming in the mail with words such as “Overdue Payment” or “Please pay immediately”, I know I’m not going to be in her good books. It’s not that I don’t want to pay – it’s just hard to keep track of when and how much to pay. Pocketbook now takes care of that. And you.



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  2. Anita   •  

    I have pocketbook, and my rent is coming up in orange – but it is definitely paid! Is there a way I can tell pocketbook it IS actually paid?

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