Pocketbook for Apple Watch

Last week, Apple officially launched Apple Watch at its Spring Forward Event after teasing the world last September. In the words of Tim Cook, it is the “most personal device” they have ever created. While time will tell if the Apple Watch will ultimately be as ubiquitous as Apple’s other products, the company’s focus and heavy investment may well prove to redefine the smartwatch segment as they have for mp3 players and mobile phones.

Here at Pocketbook, we pride ourselves in giving you, our users the most relevant insights about your money, in the simplest means. When we started Pocketbook over 2 years ago, we thought a web version was the solution – no one would want to manage their money on a mobile phone. How wrong we were looking back now… Over the past 24 months, you have voted with your fingers, and today the majority of usage is on our iPhone and Android apps.

While we continue to push forward in enriching our mobile apps with more sophisticated advancements, the Apple Watch certainly gives us a platform to push the boundaries of how “personal” personal finances can really become.

Over the past month, we’ve been dedicating some time (not quite 20%) to developing a Pocketbook app for the Apple Watch.

Some key questions we asked ourselves include:

  • How would an Apple Watch experience complement our mobile apps?
  • What type of insights would be as relevant as “time”?
  • What are some specific use case scenarios?

Our perspective is that to be successful, the app on the watch should not just be shrinking the mobile app to a smaller screen. Rather, it should be designed in the context of  where usage happens.

For instance, a primary time where we see usage for our mobile apps is during commute times. So the ability to get quick and actionable snapshots, such as bank fee charges while on the morning bus makes sense. There, to be able to then call your bank to discuss the charge in detail then and there makes sense.



A second scenario is when you’re at the supermarket filling up your shopping trolley. Information such as how you’re travelling this week on your Safely Spend number can help you manage what you pick up.



And when you’re taking some time out on a Sunday afternoon, a longer term view of how you’re building your wealth makes sense. Certainly, that’s the time of the week when most of our users do detailed analysis via the Pocketbook web version.



Finally, one of the things we want to introduce on the mobile app is charts which break down of your spending by category. Similarly, we want to include this next level of detail on the watch app so that during TV commercial breaks, you can quickly glance at this information as you glance at the time today.


These are just some ideas we have for making sure our Apple Watch app is a unique and suitable experience that’s aligned to what we offer today. As we get deeper into the build over the next month and as we monitor the inevitable early usage in April, I’m sure we will get new ideas just as how our existing apps have evolved. Stay tuned.

One final thing, to celebrate our launch in a months time we’re giving you a chance to win an Apple Watch for yourself also. If you’d like to be in the running, please enter here.

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