When is your bank dropping your interest rate?

The recent interest rate drop from the RBA came as surprise to many experts. Since then, all major banks have announced that they are passing on the rate cut either in part or in full.

The majority of the banks are dropping rates around 0.19% to 0.25%. With ANZ having the lowest rate drop of all the majors with 0.19%, and ME Bank dropping the least – a tiny 0.05%.

While a drop of 0.25% may not seem like a huge amount, it can make a sizeable impact on the amount of interest you pay in the long run. On a $300,000 loan over 20 years you would pay an extra $13,000 in interest at 4.5% versus 4.25%.

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Similarly, banks have also been lowering introductory rates for new loans. From around 4% a month ago to now well below 4%. The standouts in market appear to be in the 3.6% to 3.9% range:

  • Loans.com.au – 3.63%
  • UBank – 3.74%

Find out when your bank will drop your rate here. Track future rate changes with Home Loan Insights here.

Bank Date of cut Size of cut
ANZ 13 May 0.19%
Bank of Melbourne 23 May 0.25%
Bank of Queensland 18 May 0.25%
BankSA 23 May 0.25%
Bankwest 20 May 0.20%
Bendigo Bank 30 May 0.20%
Citibank 23 May 0.21%
Commonwealth Bank 20 May 0.25%
CUA 19 May 0.25%
HSBC 23 May 0.25%
ING Direct 20 May 0.25%
ME Bank 16 May 0.05%
NAB 16 May 0.25%
St George 23 May 0.25%
Suncorp 25 May 0.20%
UBank 16 May 0.25%
Westpac 23 May 0.25%

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