Introducing Home Loan Insights

Get alerted when the interest rate on your home loan changes. See how much it has changed and what that means for you. We'll keep you informed.

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New 'Home Loan Insights' panel

If you have a home loan - we now show you and track the vitals of the loan - all at your fingertips. So you will now know exactly what your rates and premiums are and when they have changed - without the mental gymnastics.

Notifications alerts of rate changes

Whenever your interest rates go up or down, Pocketbook will notify you. No longer be in the dark when your rates rise. No more wondering when your bank will pass on RBA interest rate drops. We will tell you as soon as they happen.

Find savings at the tap of a button

Home Loan Specialist gives you the ability to find savings that you may be able to get through your home loan. We have qualified specialists ready to help inside Pocketbook - right at your fingertips.

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