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About Us

Trying to manage your personal finances today is hard.

Software out there is clunky, and professional help is expensive. Out of frustration people end up using spreadsheets and print-outs, or worse still – losing sight of their money altogether.

Pocketbook makes personal finance ridiculously simple. And best of all – it’s free.

  • See your financial transactions in the one place
  • Stay on top of your bills
  • Minimise bank fees and late payment penalties
  • Keep you on track of your budgets and savings goals

We are based in the land down under city of Sydney, Australia.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] or tweet @getpocketbook.

Who we are

Pocketbook Founders

Pocketbook (Pocketbook Australia Pty Ltd, ABN: 61 162 562 110) is founded by Alvin, an experienced software engineer who hates doing his taxes. His business partner is Bosco, a friend of his for 18 years, who loves business development and marketing.

Between them, they have over 15 years of corporate and startup experience. Together they hope to once and for all change the way people manage their personal spending today.

You can contact Alvin and Bosco individually via [email protected] and [email protected].

Some reasons to use Pocketbook

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