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Money is one of the biggest stressors for people.

Pocketbook looks after your money for free so that you can focus on what really matters.

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Know exactly where your money is going.

Pocketbook automatically organises your spending into categories like clothes, groceries and fuel – showing you where money is being spent. Setup budgets, see your balances and view your transactions. Giving you insights so you can spend & save even smarter.

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Pocketbook manage your money Pocketbook budget planning Pocketbook budget planning

Super-charge your finances with notifications.

The smartest finance app in the App Store, smart notifications keep in the loop without you having to lift a finger. Get notified of fees charged to your accounts. Never miss a bill again with our automatic bill detection. Save & spend more with the simplest budgeting tool ever built.

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Pocketbook expense tracking

Built to save you time and money.

Pocketbook is designed to go with you in your pocket. All the number-crunching and heavy lifting is done in the background so you don’t have to. Using Pocketbook is over 100x faster compared to manual tracking. No more spreadsheets, no more sitting at the computer when you get home. Get on top of your money on the go and in real-time.

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Categorising a month of transactions

Less than
1 second


4 hours


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