Fraud Alert – Taiwanese Payments Company

Reference: FA-131022A

Original release date: 22 Oct 2013


  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • All banks and credit card providers


Credit card charges from a Taiwanese company – where the cardholder has had no dealings with the company. Possibly following overseas travel or purchasing from overseas e-commerce merchants.


Your credit card may be charged by “Neweb Technologies” or “Neweb Technologies Taiwan” or variants (e.g.: Neweb Tech, Neweb etc). You have had no dealings with the company or have not physically been in Taiwan. Neweb is a physical and online payments processor based in Taiwan.

This charge is likely:

  • For exactly TWD1,150
  • Changed in Australian dollars with your bank’s exchange rate and some overseas transaction fee. This typically will range from $42 to $48.

You may have recently:

  • Purchased from an online retailer, or
  • Travelled and used your card in Asia.


The best course of action is to verify the transaction and contact your bank. Follow these steps:

  1. Check your bank transactions and look for transactions containing “Neweb Technologies”, “Neweb” or variant.
  2. Should you find a corresponding transaction, verify its legitimacy.
  3. If in any doubt, please phone your bank at the earliest convenience to notify them of the suspicious transaction.
  4. Monitor your account for future occurrences.

Possible explanation of fraud

Developing situation with many consumers in Singapore and China affected over the past week. Two major Singaporean banks have already banned transactions from Neweb. More information to come.

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