Security FAQ

Why do you need my bank login information?

We need your details to help you organise and manage your accounts. We use this information to establish a secure connection with your bank or service provider. This enables Pocketbook to download your transactional information securely and automatically, keeping you on track in real-time.

How do you protect and store my bank login information?

Your personal information is entered through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted connection between your browser and our servers. This information is kept encrypted at all times. Your bank login credentials are stored securely using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. We only store the information needed to save you the trouble of updating, syncing or uploading financial information manually.

Am I at greater risk of someone stealing my identity by using your service?

No, as we don’t require you to provide any personally identifiable information to create an account, only your email. At no time do we ask you for information that would be required for a hacker to steal your identity, such as your full name, account or card numbers, or your physical address.

Can Pocketbook employees view my details?

Your bank account and credit card numbers are stored securely. Your information may be seen by technical personnel in accordance with specified procedures and safeguards for staff access in order to operate, develop and improve our service to you.

How can I protect my Pocketbook account?

  • Don’t write down or share your Pocketbook password with anyone.
  • Make sure that your password is complex, including both numbers and capital letters.
  • Be certain that you have virus protection and a firewall on any computer you use to access Pocketbook.
  • Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know.
  • Learn to prevent identity theft through Phishing attempts.

If someone does manage to steal my Pocketbook login information, can they access my accounts to make any transactions?

No, as Pocketbook provides a strictly “read-only” view of your transaction information. Your online banking usernames and passwords are never displayed after you enter them during your first session.

How can I close my Pocketbook account?

Email us at [email protected], and we’ll remove your account data within 48 hours. Your data may remain on our backup server or media. We keep these backups to ensure our continued ability to provide our service to you in the event of malfunction or damage to our primary production servers.

Where can I find out more about the technology that protects my information?

If you have any questions or concerns – please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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