Pocketbook Privacy Policy

Pocketbook Australia Pty Ltd ABN: 61 162 562 110 (referred to hereafter as “we”, “us” or “our”) provides an online service that allows you to easily better understand your spending (“Pocketbook”) and offers a cashback rewards program (“Pocketbook Rewards”) in Australia to help consumers save money. More information about using Pocketbook and Pocketbook Rewards is available here: https://getpocketbook.com/terms-of-use/. Pocketbook consolidates and tracks your financial information on the Pocketbook app (“the App”) available on the Pocketbook website https://getpocketbook.com (“the Website”). Based on this information, Pocketbook may also present information relating to third party products or services.

1 Introduction


This Privacy Policy was last updated on 15 August 2019.


Pocketbook Australia Pty Ltd (Pocketbook, we, us and our) ABN: 61 162 562 110 (referred to hereafter as “we”, “us” or “our”) is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of the Personal Information that we collect, hold, use and disclose. This Privacy Policy explains how we manage Personal Information and other information about You.


Our privacy and security procedures aim to (1) prevent identity theft and (2) secure the Personal Information that we hold. We regularly re-evaluate those procedures and adapt them, as necessary, to deal with new challenges and emerging issues. We strive to implement best-practice security standards.

2 The information that we collect and hold


Certain features of Pocketbook are made available to You without the need to register or to provide any of Your Personal Information to us. However, other features of Pocketbook require You to register as a Pocketbook User.


When You register as a Pocketbook User, we will collect Personal Information such as Your email address, Your first name and Your last name (depending on whether you register via the Website or the App).


Account Credentials
In order to benefit from the full functionality of Pocketbook, You must provide us with Your Account Credentials. By doing so, You will enable us to link Your Pocketbook account with Your Bank Account. For clarity, Account Information will be collected from all Bank Accounts for which You provide Account Credentials.


Other information
Due to the nature of Pocketbook, from time to time, we may collect and hold additional Personal Information or other information about You. This information may be secured shared with a third party if required or necessary and can include:

  • Your address, date of birth and contact details;
  • information about Your financial circumstances and objectives, including Your assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, taxation information, insurance, superannuation and investment preferences;
  • the type of operating system and/or other software or firmware used by Your computer or Mobile Device;
  • the Data You send and receive by using Pocketbook, as well as the type and quality of that Data;
  • your GPS location;
  • the dates on which and the times at which You use Pocketbook, including the duration of such use; and
  • the IP address and the MAC address of Your computer or Mobile Device.

This is not an exhaustive list.


Tax file number
We will only collect, hold, use and disclose Your tax file number in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Privacy (Tax File Number) Rule 2015, the Tax Administration Act 1953 (Cth) and other applicable laws (as amended from time to time). Without limiting our obligations under those laws, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that You are informed of:

  • the taxation law or other applicable law which authorises us to request or collect Your tax file number;
  • the purpose(s) for which Your tax file number is requested and collected; and
  • the consequences of declining to quote Your tax file number.

3 How do we collect information?


We may collect Your information in a number of ways including:

  • directly from You, such as:
    - when You provide information to us when You register to use Pocketbook;
    - when You use the Pocketbook;
    - when You participate in contests, giveaways and other promotions via the Website or the App;
    - when You participate in one of our surveys; or
    - when You contact us with an enquiry on a request;
  • through Pocketbook, when You synchronise Your Pocketbook account with Your Bank Account;
  • from third-parties You authorise to disclose Your information to us;
  • from publicly available sources of information;
  • when we are legally authorised or required to do so; or
  • through digital communications, such as when You visit our Website.


You have a right not to provide information to us. We will give You the opportunity to provide or to decline to provide information and, where practicable and lawful, we will allow You to interact with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. However, if You choose not to provide certain information about You, we may not be able to provide You with the service You request or the level of service on which we pride ourselves.

4 How do we hold your information?


We take the privacy and security of Your information seriously.


We use various technical solutions, security controls and internal procedures to help us protect Your information. For example:

  • we use a combination of firewall barriers, encryption techniques and authentication procedures:
    - to maintain the security of Your online session; and
    - to protect Your information, the Pocketbook accounts and our systems from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure;
  • when You register as a Pocketbook User, we require a password from You for Your privacy and security;
  • we transmit information such as Your Registration Information or Your Account Credentials only securely;
  • from the time You log in to use Pocketbook, the communications between Your computer or Mobile Device and Pocketbook are encrypted. This enables client and server applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery; and
  • we test the Website and the App regularly for any failure points that would allow hacking.


For clarity, these precautions apply only to Pocketbook. We exercise no control over how Your information is stored, maintained or displayed by third-parties or on third-party websites.


    You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Pocketbook Registration Information.


    We maintain strict rules to help prevent others from guessing Your password. We also recommend that You change Your password periodically. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length. You must not provide Your Pocketbook Registration Information to any third-party. If You believe that Your Pocketbook Registration Information may have been stolen or been made known to others, You must contact us immediately at [email protected]. In any event, You should change Your password immediately via the Website or App. We are not responsible if someone accesses Your Pocketbook account if they have obtained Your Pocketbook Registration Information from You or as a result of Your breach of this Privacy Policy or the Pocketbook Terms of Use.


    If You have a security related concern, please contact us at [email protected]. We will work closely with You to ensure a rapid and personal response to Your concerns.

    5 How do we use your information?


    Our main purpose for collecting information about You is:

    • to provide Pocketbook to You;
    • to provide You with information about Pocketbook;
    • to assist You with enquires; and
    • to better service Your needs.


    We collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information primarily to fulfil our business functions and activities as described in our Privacy Policy, and you consent and authorise us and our service providers to collect, hold, use and disclose that information for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy, and for the following purposes:

    • for our business operations and for purposes that are related to one or more of our functions and activities;
    • to confirm the eligibility of transactions for any rewards earned via Pocketbook Rewards;
    • to verify Your identity and to allow You to access and use the Website or the App;
    • to communicate with You (such as by providing weekly summaries of Your Account Information and by sending You email alerts and Pocketbook newsletters);
    • to provide support and Pocketbook updates;
    • to gain an understanding of Your needs so that we may improve and develop Pocketbook;
    • to personalise Your experience with Pocketbook and our Website;
    • to perform research and analysis (including to conduct surveys);
    • to comply with our legal, statutory and regulatory obligations;
    • for direct marketing purposes (in this respect, see paragraph 5.3 below);
    • for any other purpose which it would be reasonable to expect that we would collect, hold, use and disclose your information for; and
    • subject to Your consent, for other purposes which may be notified to You from time to time.


    We may use Your information so that we and our business partners can promote and market products and/or services that we think may be of interest to You (including products and/or services provided by a third-party). This marketing may be carried out in a variety of ways (including by email or by customising online content) and may continue after You stop using Pocketbook, until You opt-out. You may opt-out by emailing us at [email protected] or by following the “unsubscribe” instructions in any email communication You receive from us.

    6 How do we disclose your information?


    From time to time, we may disclose Your information with entities outside of our organisation. These may include:

    • our related bodies corporate, business partners, associates and affiliates;
    • third-parties who provide services to us, such as vendors or service providers that help us provide the Service to You (including by sending email messages on our behalf or by hosting and operating particular features or functionalities of Pocketbook); and
    • anyone who is authorised by law to obtain information about You from us.


    The entities to which we disclose Your information have been selected in accordance with our security policies and practices, and are bound by confidentiality obligations. If they fail to meet these obligations, they may be subject to disciplinary action, termination of contract and/or criminal prosecution.


    Our contracts with the entities to which we disclose Your information:

    • outline the appropriate use and handling of Your information; and
    • prohibit them from using any of Your information for purposes other than those for which they have received Your information.


    We do not share information with entities which are located, or have operations, outside of Australia. However, should this change in the future, we will seek Your consent and we will deal with that change in accordance with all applicable laws.


    We may de-identify Your Personal Information or aggregate it in such a way that it cannot be used to identify You. We may disclose de-identified information to several entities, including:

    • advertisers and other third-parties for their commercial, marketing, research and promotional purposes;
    • organisations approved by us that conduct research into consumer spending; and
    • other users of Pocketbook for the purpose of comparing their personal financial situation against that of the broader community.


    Our de-identification procedure involves:

    • removing personal identifiers;
    • removing or altering other information that may allow You to be identified; and
    • continuously assessing and managing the risk of re-identification.

    7 How do we keep your information?


    Your Data is Yours. You can remove it anytime You want. When You request us to delete Your Pocketbook account, Your Data will be permanently expunged from our primary production servers and further access to Your Pocketbook account will not be possible. We will also promptly disconnect any connection we had established to Your Account Information and delete all Account Credentials.


    However, portions of Your Data, consisting of aggregate Data derived from Your Account Information, may remain on our production servers indefinitely. Your Data may also remain on a backup server or media. We keep these backups to ensure our continued ability to provide the Service to You in the event of malfunction or damage to our primary production servers.

    8 How to access, update or correct your information?


    If Your Personal Information changes, You may update it at any time via the Website or the App. Otherwise please contact us at [email protected].


    If You wish to access any of Your information that we hold or You would like to correct any errors in that information, You may contact us at [email protected].


    The Australian Privacy Principles set out a number of rules in respect of accessing, updating and correcting Your information. For example, we may refuse to give You access to Your information if giving access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals, if Your request for access is frivolous or vexatious, or if the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings.


    If we refuse to give You access to, or update, or correct Your Personal Information, we will provide You with a written explanation including the reasons for our refusal.


    We may charge You an administrative fee for providing access to Your information in response to a request.

    9 Privacy and the internet


    We may gather information about You through cookie technology. For example, we may assign a cookie to You to limit the amount of times You see a particular Pocketbook offer or to help better determine which Pocketbook offers to serve to You or to track your activity on a merchant website to confirm your eligibility for any reward earned via Pocketbook Rewards. Please note that most Internet browsers will allow You to stop cookies from being stored on Your device and to delete cookies stored on Your device. However, if You choose to eliminate cookies, the full functionality of Pocketbook may be impaired for You.


    We encode our cookies so that only we can interpret the information stored in them.


    We also use web and mobile analytics, including using Google Advertising ID. For example, Web beacons are images embedded in a web page or email for the purpose of measuring and analysing a website’s usage and activity. We, or third-party service providers acting on our behalf, may use web beacons to help us analyse Pocketbook usage and improve Pocketbook.


    We may use third-party service providers to help us analyse certain online activities. For example, these service providers may help us measure the performance of our online campaigns or analyse visitor activity on the Website or the App. We may permit these service providers to use cookies and other technologies to perform these services for us. We do not share any Personal Information about our customers with these third-party service providers, and these service providers do not collect such information on our behalf.


    For clarity, the information provided by web beacons and cookies may personally identify You. By using Pocketbook, You consent to the collection of Your information by those methods.


    There are a number of products and services offered by third-parties, advertised through Pocketbook that may be complementary to Your use of Pocketbook. If You choose to use these separate products or services, disclose information to the providers, or grant them permission to collect information about You, then their use of Your information will governed by their own privacy policies.


    If You click on a link to a third-party website, we encourage You to check the privacy policy of that website.


    We may present links in a format that enables us to keep track of whether these links have been followed and whether any action has been taken on a third-party website. We use this information to improve the quality of our offer and to customise the content available from Pocketbook.

    We will take all reasonable precautions and measures to maintain the security and privacy of your Personal Information. This includes using the very best in hardware, software, and security practices available to us. However, due to the nature of the Internet and the nature of the systems and technology available at the current time, it is unfortunate that breaches of security are still possible. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your information will be completely secure, and to the maximum extent permitted by law we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of a breach of security.

    10 Your data may be transferred upon change of control


    Personal Information may be transferred to a third-party as a result of a sale, acquisition, merger, reorganisation or other change of control affecting us. If we sell, merge or transfer any part of our business, part of the sale may include Your Personal Information.

    11 We post updates on our website and the app whenever there is a change to this policy


    We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to account for legislative updates and developments in technology, changes to our operations and practices, and to make sure our policy remains appropriate in its changing environment. The date of the last revision appears at the top of the policy.


    Any information we hold is governed by the most recent version of this Privacy Policy. You should check this page periodically to ensure that You are familiar with any changes made to this Privacy Policy.

    12 How can I make a privacy complaint?


    If You wish to notify us of any privacy complaint You may have against us, including if You think that we have failed to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, You may contact us at [email protected].


    We are committed to acknowledging Your complaint in a prompt manner and will give You an estimated timeframe for when we will respond to Your complaint.


    It is our intention to resolve Your complaint to Your satisfaction. However, if You feel that Your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed or that it is taking too long to resolve Your complaint, You are entitled to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), on 1300 363 992 or the other contact details on the OAIC’s website (oaic.gov.au), who may investigate Your complaint further.

    13 Contact us if you have any questions or concerns


    If You have questions, comments, concerns or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy or any other privacy or security concern, send an email to [email protected].

    14 Definitions


    • “Data” means any data inputted by You or with Your authority into the Website, or data acquired via your authorisation (including your transaction information);
    • “User” means the registered user for Pocketbook, and, where the context permits, includes any entity on whose behalf that person registers to use Pocketbook;
    • “Account Credentials” means the combination of access code, access number, client number, email address, password, secondary password and/or security number (as applicable) which You use to access the online banking services offered by Your bank or other financial institution in respect of Your Bank Account;
    • “Account Information” means day-to-day transactional information (including all debit and credit operations) in respect of Your Bank Account;
    • “Bank Account” means a deposit or loan account that You maintain with an Australian bank or another Australian financial institution;
    • “Mobile Device” means a mobile phone, tablet or other internet-enabled device that is compatible with Pocketbook and has, or has access to, an internet connection;
    • “Personal Information” means information about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. Common examples are an individual’s name, signature, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, bank account details and employment details;
    • “Pocketbook Registration Information” means Your email address and Your password for Your Pocketbook account;
    • “You” or “Your” means the individual who uses the Website or App; and
    • the words “includes”, “including”, “for example”, “such as” and similar terms or expressions are not words of limitation.

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