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Always up-to-date transaction data

Why fuss with manually downloading and cleaning your transaction data? Pocketbook does it safely and automatically... and keeps it up to date.

Automatically categorise your transactions

Why bother with Excel formulas? You'll find 80% of transactions already smartly categorised. McDonald's is "food", the pub is "drinks".

Perfect charts for analysing your spending

Why waste time thinking about different ways to visualise your data? Our analyse feature have figured it out for you.

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Financial planners and accountants recommend Pocketbook to their clients. We make everyone's life easier.

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"Since using Pocketbook, I feel more in control of my money."

"I love that it reminds me if something is unusual, like a forgotten bill payment."

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Money Management Techniques

People have different approaches to managing their money, however the objectives are largely the same. Make more, save more and spend less. In fact, according to US company Fidelity Investments - the top 2 new years resolutions people have is spending less and saving money.

Ways to manage money

There a number of traditional rules people follow when it comes to managing maximizing their money.

  • Track every cent you spend - A lot of people simply meticulously track every cent that comes in and goes out. This helps them understand their cash position at all times. Typically a combination of tools are used, from online banking, spreadsheets and notepads to budget planner software packages.
  • Always look for a bargain - A second group of people are compulsive price comparators and bargain hunters. They'll usually research heavily when making a purchase, using websites like Retailmenot, OzBargain or Finder. They also can be seen around supermarket shelves looking for item level or per 100 gram pricing on the shelf tags.
  • Allocate a budget - A more dedicated group works on the money management from a top down perspective. They set themselves a budget and then work out how they can spend within their means given the savings goals they want to achieve. It's easy to set up a budget, but there usually needs to be some regular discipline around tracking to make sure the budget is successful.
  • Optimising your use of interest and cash flow - Another way some people manage their money is through smartly managing the flow and timing of their money. They pay their bills last minute before fees are incurred, they pay off their credit card with high interest before their lower interest homeloan, and never leave too much money in their transaction account. They know the importance of reducing debt in order to use their money more effectively on things they can use - rather than pay the bank.
  • Plan for your retirement - Many people have a longer term view of money management. Retirement is in fact the starting point for many financial planners. Most people have a lifestyle they aspire to have at retirement which can be translated in to an annual spending budget. By working backwards, this sets the context for every savings and investment goal along the way.

How Pocketbook simplifies expense tracking

We created Pocketbook as a tool to help make money management ridiculously simple. We help by giving you high visibility on what you've spent in the past and what you're spending today.

At sign-on, we take 60 seconds for you to sync your bank transactions and categorise up to 80% of transactions. So you can quickly understand how you spent on car, home and groceries. A process, which typically takes hours, now takes literally minutes. We then let you enter in all your cash spending so you can easily complete your spending picture.

We'll be introducing future savings and goal setting features which will allow you to have a better handle on the rewards of managing your money smartly today. Along with our Safely Spend budgeting feature, there's no easier way to manage your money.

Quite simply, if you want the easiest way for money management, then Pocketbook is the tool you must have.

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