Introducing Safely Spend

Ridiculously simple budgeting automated. So you don't have to do any work at all. See more.

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Know how much you can safely spend - without having to think.

How it works

We determine your discretionary spending - this is your total spending minus your bills and any extra-ordinary one off spends - and we track that during the week against your actual spending.

So you know instantly how much you can spend at the moment and for the rest of the week - without breaking the budget! Simple.

To set up Safely Spend, we automatically detect your incomes and bills, so all you have to do is confirm. We then give you a guide to easily save a desired % of your income. It takes just 30 seconds to set up.

We then send you notifications to help you track to your budget goals, tell you if you've been paid your salary late, or your bill is larger than expected.

Safely Spend in action

Why we built Safely Spend

We wanted a really simple way for people to understand budgeting for today and tomorrow - without having to work it all out. So we linked it directly to the spending you already do!

Safely Spend helps to answer money management questions like:

  • What is my discretionary spend limit this week?
  • What did I spend on discretionary items in the last few weeks?
  • Where are some areas I can cut this down further?
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