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Always up-to-date transaction data

Why fuss with manually downloading and cleaning your transaction data? Pocketbook does it safely and automatically... and keeps it up to date.

Automatically categorise your transactions

Why bother with Excel formulas? You'll find 80% of transactions already smartly categorised. McDonald's is "food", the pub is "drinks".

Perfect charts for analysing your spending

Why waste time thinking about different ways to visualise your data? Our analyse feature have figured it out for you.

Recommended by financial professionals

Financial planners and accountants recommend Pocketbook to their clients. We make everyone's life easier.

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"Since using Pocketbook, I feel more in control of my money."

"I love that it reminds me if something is unusual, like a forgotten bill payment."

Rebecca, Web Designer & Founder

Budget using Pocketbook like Rebecca

Why Pocketbook is better than Budgeting Spreadsheets

Budgeting spreadsheets can be an easy way to assess your financial position and work out where you need to be. It can be a really handy tool to look at some actual numbers of your historical spending and plan for the future. The process of committing to a spreadsheet can allow the individual to think about where money is going and is a first step to ongoing management of money.

Trouble with budgeting spreadsheets

Despite their obvious benefits, budgeting spreadsheets can be very daunting for many individuals. They can:

  • Be complicated to develop and understand (if you use someone else's).
  • Takes a lot of time to manually enter in information.
  • Take a lot of personal discipline to monitor and manage

Finally, the way budgeting spreadsheets are put together. It's inflexible to include other important information around spending, such as answering questions like:

  • Am I spending or saving more than people like me?
  • Which service providers can help me spend even smarter?
  • How can I optimise my tax outcomes?
  • What are some irregularities in my accounts, can I be notified in real time?

How Pocketbook is better than spreadsheets

Pocketbook addresses all these. First of all, it's an online tool, meaning that you can't lose that Excel file. And within minutes of signing up, over 80% of your historical transactions are now smartly organised. It also detects and knows when your future bills are coming up, so if you miss anything in the future, you get notified.

Then great graphing tools starts to splice and dice your data to help you really look into your spending habits in detail. All this to help you budget smarter in a ridiculously simple way.

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