Signup Bonus Terms & Conditions

1. To be eligible to receive the $5 bonus in your Pocketbook Rewards account you must be a registered Pocketbook User with your bank account linked to your Pocketbook account.

2. To activate your $5 bonus, you must make a Qualifying Transaction through the Pocketbook app within 30 days of receiving the $5 bonus.

3. You will only be able to transfer the $5 bonus to your bank account once the Cashback for the Qualifying Transaction is approved by the merchant. This is subject to the standard requirement to have a $10.00 minimum balance available in your Pocketbook Rewards to transfer to your bank account.

4. The $5 bonus will be cancelled if:

  • you return or cancel your Qualifying Transaction.
  • you do not make a Qualifying Transaction within 30 days of receiving your $5 bonus.

5. The $5 bonus may not apply or be activated where a Cashback claim is raised and needs to be investigated regarding a Qualifying Transaction.

6. Only one (1) $5 bonus is permitted per Pocketbook account.

7. Pocketbook reserves the right to:

  • decline transactions and immediately close all accounts including any associated accounts of members who are in violation or suspected of a breach of the Pocketbook Terms and Conditions.
  • cancel or any in any way modify this offer at its complete discretion.

8. All capitalised terms in the terms of this offer shall have the same meaning as their corresponding terms in the Pocketbook Terms and Conditions (available here unless a contrary intention appears or the context otherwise requires.