Pocketbook's Valentine's Day Contest


According to a Forbes article, the average male spent $175.61 on Valentine’s Day last year and the average female spent $88.78. The figures, I assume, are based on American spending but I’ll assume they are the same for Australians.

Times are tough but we are hopeless romantics here at Pocketbook. To celebrate this season of love, Pocketbook is giving away $175.61 to one lucky winner, to help you make your dream Valentine’s Day come true – and since we are no sexist, the contest will be open to both males and females at the same amount.

Heck, go ahead and enter even if you’re single and thinks Valentine’s Day is just-another-ploy-to-get-people-to-spend-money. And that’s because while we always embrace an opportunity to show love, we also respect all views.

All you have to do to enter is simple:

  1. Become a Pocketbook user. If you are not a Pocketbook user, you can go to our homepage to sign up for a free account: https://getpocketbook.com.
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    Your post can be as long or as short as you want, negative or positive. Then send us the URL to your post so we can verify it. We cross-our-hearts promise that all posts – be they from raving fans or vicious critics – will be considered equally.

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  4. Last, to spice things up a little, leave a comment on this post and tell us what you have planned for Valentine’s Day. Our team of guys need a bit of inspiration. 😉

That’s it! Use the form below to enter.

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  1. Toni Hill   •  

    I will probably be frugal and cook my boyfriend a lovely dinner, followed by an action movie of his choice…Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance and flowers, it mean doing something nice for your better half 🙂

      • SABU   •  


      • Toni Hill   •  

        Hopefully my other half will appreciate it 🙂 Got them all sorted…Die Hard, The Expendables and Rambo! Cooking him up a steak and fried onion rings with gorgonzola sauce 🙂

  2. Aaron   •  

    Most likely have a nice quiet dinner at the local with the wife, child-free of course!

  3. Sabu   •  

    I’m a student in Delhi. I’d gift a book to my love on the Valentine’s. We’d dine together and also share a ride! By the way, I would like to know how PocketBook can help a student?

  4. Anton   •  

    Probably nothing special, maybe a movie and a meal if she feels like it, it all just depends I suppose 🙂

  5. Liski   •  

    Hopefully a nice streak with some red wine at The Meat & Wine Co.

  6. grum   •  

    I’ll be home, alone with a microwave dinner. Since it is v-day, I might treat myself to some pudding from a can.

  7. sk   •  

    If weather is good, sunset beach picnic with wine. If weather is bad, take an Uber ride to nearby restaurant. + bling gift

  8. David   •  

    If there’s anything good on at the movies, it will be dinner and a movie. Otherwise probably just a nice bouquet of flowers and a nice meal out somewhere away from the kids.

  9. zoe chrysopoulos   •  

    This is my first Valentine’s day in Lovely Sydney !! So I’m planning to have a great day with my boy. Enjoying the day, maybe do some kayaking or just chilling on the beach and then have an incredible dinner in our new flat :))

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Ahhh… your comment brings back memories of my first Valentine’s Day in Sydney. My now-wife and I went on a photo-walk around the Opera House at sunset.

  10. Ceri HPG   •  

    I’m going to be away for work so I’ll arrange a sneaky surprise for my beau to be delivered to his employer. Hopefully I can have dinner with my best girlfriends where I’ll be, making do with a FaceTime date with my lovely.

  11. Natalia Weir   •  

    It will be a couple of days before my boyfriend’ s birthday so I might spoil him a fair bit with a dinner at an expensive French restaurant 🙂

  12. Yummii   •  

    I’m surprising my fiance with a sunset picnic!.. Picking him after work and then heading to a gorgeous park overlooking the water with delicious food.. If it rains, we can have a romantic picnic on our balcony! 🙂

  13. Damian   •  

    Being reasonably money concious, we prefer to have a better night out a few days away from valentines day to avoid the crowds and get in at places we like…

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      That’s what I said. But my wife asked me why I insist on watching The Hobbit on release day and I had to give in.

  14. jaker   •  

    I’ll be breaching my weekly spending limit and getting push notes from pocketbook.

  15. Russell Brenner   •  

    Great app guys, loving the ability to review all my bills, accounts and finances at once. Can’t to see what else happens as this app matures.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Always great to hear from a fan Russell! Look out for our next blog post – we’ll peel back the curtain on what’s happened so far (with actual numbers) and what we have planned for the rest of this year.

  16. Oliver   •  

    Well it falls on a Friday night this year so whatever I’ll be doing it will be done at the pub!

  17. Praj   •  

    Since the 14th is a Friday, the plan is to take my wife to a picnic dinner at our favourite spot on the Brisbane river. 😀

  18. Lauren   •  

    My advice: treat every day like Valentine’s Day. Although I have plans for us to go to the park with a sneaky bottle of bubbly and watch the sun set. Going to kick any kids off the swings, so we can have some fun!

  19. Rebecca Jee   •  

    As I’m single, I’ll probably do very little! Unless I win, of course, and then I will buy a nice bottle of wine 🙂

  20. Anthony Ryan   •  

    I’ll be with a mate in Japan, it’s a bit awkward-we’d forgotten about Valentines day 😛 maybe this could buy us a decent meal haha

  21. Hari   •  

    Romantic drive to Hunter Valley followed by a Farm lunch with LLamas and then head back home.

  22. Michael   •  

    I’ll most likely be out at a gig, and hey, if I meet someone, then bonus!

  23. Rakhee   •  

    I’d love to get my boyfriend a new pair of sunnies. He desperately needs some (although he may not know it :P) so as a dutiful girlfriend I must find some!

  24. Shem   •  

    In Japan, Valentine’s day is celebrated the other way around. The women are the ones who give chocolates or make something special for the men and since my boyfriend is Japanese I have to follow that custom. LOL I plan to bake chocolates for my boyfriend and cook a lovely dinner with a valentine’s day theme.

  25. Adam Cross   •  

    I can’t tell you because then it wouldn’t be a surprise!!!!

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      We pinky promise not to tell your spouse/gf, Adam. I’m an excellent secret keeper.

  26. William Archinal   •  

    I finish my summer internship on the same day as Valentine’s, so I told my girlfriend that Valentine’s or not, we’re going out to celebrate something!

  27. Caitlyn   •  

    I have set my husband the challenge of surprising me for Valentines + 1 day. We are going to a wedding on Valentines Day, and then the rest of the weekend shall remain a secret 🙂

  28. Jeremy   •  

    Great tool I use every week, in fact my wife and I have used it to budget out valentines day dinner!

  29. Justin   •  

    As we are saving with the assistance of Pocketbook we probably won’t be doing much. That said, A nice quiet dinner a small gift should be doable!

  30. Wil   •  

    still looking for a valentine but do have one girl in mind… if weather is good … maybe a picnic

  31. Greg Tangey   •  

    I’m sitting at home on my own, just like normal.

  32. Natalie   •  

    We have booked to see a live jazz and blues band play along with dinner + dancing!

  33. James   •  

    I’ll be having a long Skype call, might be a bit difficult with a 15hr difference in time zones though.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Oh man, tried long distance once, back when Skype didn’t exist. Had to put pen to paper and actually write!

  34. Anjo Miranda   •  

    Gonna stay at home cos I’m single lol. Not really inspiring anyone with this haha.

  35. Giovanni Mellisa Soesanto   •  

    I plan to draw Valentine pictures to my friend. I will participate at Church choir for valentine day too. Lots of love!

  36. Denverda   •  

    Great personal finance manager tool! Love it

  37. Remy   •  

    Following a rather expensive honeymoon, I’ll definitely be going the frugal route.

    Flowers picked from public area? Check.
    Home cooked meal using greens and herbs from the garden? Check.
    Watching her favourite shows together? Check.

    Probably root around and see if I can scrounge some candles to spruce it up a notch, but really not going out.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      You’ll be surprised how much all the things you listed turns out to be far more appreciated than expensive stuff.

      • Remy   •  

        HOO BOY! She did NOT like it!

        Turns out she’d been looking forward to roses and chocolates.

        There were TEARS.

  38. Pinkie   •  

    Our baby is due on V-Day so my day will probably be spent in hospital kicking & screaming about how much I hate my hubby. That being said, we will end up with a lovely little package that love made so I can’t wait!

  39. Gothtigger   •  

    Getting together with some other single friends and having a great day of movies and fun and friendship.

  40. Greg   •  

    Unless I win this, she’ll be eating Maggi noodles with me. I’ll let her choose what flavour though. That’s the kind of gentleman I am ;P

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      As a wise philosopher, Celine Dion, once said, “Love is all we need.” Maybe light a couple of candles – and hey, you just saved on electricity too! 🙂

  41. Craig   •  

    I am meeting my wife in the city and surprising her with drinks and dinner at a nice restaurant.

  42. Rachel Dear   •  

    Me and my boyfriend are having a quiet night in with a movie, a home cooked meal and each other in our new house that we’re moving into this week.

  43. Robyn   •  

    Finally … software that keeps me honest with myself about my spending habits. Confessing to myself about my spending habits is can’t be avoided any more 🙂

  44. Kodewulf   •  

    Combining Valentine’s Day with our wedding anniversary on the 20th had us start a bit of a tradition a few years ago. Every year around the that time we go to a special restaurant that we only visit once a year. Makes the experience all the more special. 🙂

  45. Oscar   •  

    I will be taking my girlfriend to Shakespeare in the Gardens. Its a bit of a tradition. Although its very cliche, it is uber fun. We pack a yummy picknick, sit back on our picnic rug and watch the excellent performance!

  46. Ellen   •  

    Unfortunately probably nothing just hubby and I 🙁 it’s a bit hard when we don’t have any babysitters close by. So realistically it’s more like a ‘romantic’ night with hubby and a 1.5 year old, lol!

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Ellen, that sounds like what Valentine’s Day is going to look like for me this year – can’t find a babysitter. We will, however, go ahead with the candle light dinner and distract my 1 year old with an ipad. The glow from his ipad will only add to the atmosphere.

  47. Matt   •  

    Love PocketBook! Helped so much with my budgeting!

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Come on Matthew, you can study any time of the year! V-Day’s time to do something special, even if it means sitting around watching reruns of Friends. (Then again, I say that every other day)

  48. brad   •  

    Limo ride, cheese, wine and chocolate while watching the sun go down over the Cottesloe beach

  49. Brendan   •  

    I hope to take my fiancé to a fancy dinner somewhere 🙂 probably popollo it’s amazing

  50. B   •  

    Kind of restricted by the kids, but aiming for a restaurant night out if the babysitter is free!

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      B, your comment, and the few others that come before yours, just gave me a great idea for a business: babysitting for Valentine’s Day. Babysitters must be making a killing.

      • B   •  

        Awesome, when you get it up and running, will you make me a partner.

  51. Jarrad   •  

    I will most likely get a Pandora charm for the girlfriend and take her out for dinner.

  52. K   •  

    Probably ice skating, dinner, picnic who knows! itll be a surprise ;D

  53. Anton W   •  

    Start with a hot air balloon ride from the yarra valley to the city at sunset. Catch a Hummer limo to the yarra. Sail down to South Melbourne on a gondola. Dine at the Eureka tower. Finish it off with a walk along crown promenade and stay in crown towers. A boxed gift, flowers and an acoustic serenade by the water would all be part of a wonderful evening.
    Now to find that spare $$$

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      I’m sure the $$$ is there, somewhere. Just check out your Pocketbook app! 🙂

  54. venki   •  

    off work on friday, catch flight from melbourne to sydney, buy some flowers and favorite cake for her…09.00PM celebrations for our only festival begins. 09.30 go to darling harbour and sit and eat by the water……

  55. Cecilia   •  

    Omg. Realising I have (of all things) a Doctors appointment on 14/2. But also have the day off so that after the dr I am heading to the beach for an overnight stay. Sun. Surf. Eats. Company!!!

  56. Vaibhav Sagar   •  


  57. Greg   •  

    To be honest, I haven’t got valentines day sussed yet. But that weekend, me and some mates are going camping, no women allowed. Umm… Am I in trouble?

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      If you have ask us that, Greg, then yeah… you’re probably in trouble. Unless, of course, you hunt down and kill a bear with your bare hands during your camping trip and surprise her with a pelt. Because you know, it’s been known to be romantic to do that.

  58. George   •  

    I will be taking my girlfriend out to an expensive dinner and proposing to her!

  59. Christian Marth   •  

    Since i recently broke up with my girlfriend and years of spending too much money on valentines, i’m planning an-anti valentines day by buying a one way ticket to Singapore and go travelling across Asia for 6 months!

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      At least you’re being healthy about it Christian. I once joined a cult that burns a woman effigy after a particularly bad break up. Yeah, guys do that too you know.

  60. Marcis   •  

    I am going to have a quiet night in with a good friend, and then have my birthday after midnight. Should be a great time had by all.

  61. Emma   •  

    It’s also my birthday & I’ll be celebrating in Prague at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise!

  62. Chris   •  

    I will setting up my own style of high tea. Luckily my girl friend is working in the morning so it gives me a chance to set it up without her sneaking to my place.

  63. Tim   •  

    We’ll go to a park and have a picnic in the sun, we might even go to a nice restaurant.

  64. This Guy   •  

    Haven’t worked out all the details yet, but it will probably involve minigolf, a couple of nice pizzas, and brownies down by the river at sunset. Chocolate brownies, not those other ones.

    Romantic, no?

  65. Zac   •  

    Cool idea, can’t wait for it to get more banks involved!

  66. Arlando   •  

    I’ll be holidaying it up in Phuket! I totally think I win, even if I don’t win the comp!

  67. HaydoAtHome   •  

    A quiet movie night in on Friday for Valentine’s Day and on Saturday and take a picnic lunch to the beach!

  68. Philip Vels   •  

    Getting up earlier than I usually would in the morning to get her flowers. I will give them to her just before she starts college in the morning. In the evening we have already taken the day off work for the that evening after college so then we can spend the evening together!

  69. Clinton Eidelman   •  

    I’ve just moved to Melbourne from South Africa so every cent counts! Pocketbook is proving indispensable to me to help my track my family’s spending and help me get to grips with Aussie prices. Already following you on Twitter! @clinteidelman

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Thank you for the kind words Clinton. If you need any help, feel free to drop us a mail.

  70. Oscar   •  

    Will probably try to surprise my wife with a dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.

  71. Bindi   •  

    Dinner as a family – we have two little ones and they are only little for such a short time, so they will be joining us for now 🙂

  72. David Busher   •  

    Girlfriend doesn’t know it but we will be in Indonesia. Taxi will pick us up, take us to a luxurious spa where she’ll be pampered all day while I enjoy a few beers! Going to be an awesome holiday, and an awesome day!

  73. Tonie   •  

    Maybe we’ll go out for steak and beer, maybe a walk on the beach…Haven’t quite decided yet. Have to have some spontaneity on Valentines Day!

  74. Amanda   •  

    I’m newly single, so I’ll be watching sad movies and eating ALOT of chocolate for v-day 🙂

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Watch Sharknado. I hear it’s pretty sad what with all those sharks being pulled out of their homes and into the city, lost like Nemo.

  75. Roxy   •  

    Valentines Day is also Chd awareness day. Im a single mum of 3 and my little girl had her second life saving open heart surgery 5 months ago. So I will be spending the day with her and celebrating her future healthy life.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Hi Roxy, I’ve never heard of CHD Awareness Day, but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  76. Darsha   •  

    My girlfriend of one year (the entirety spent as a long distance relationship) will be moving across the country to live with me shortly after Valentines Day. I suspect on the day itself, there will be a FaceTime call or perhaps watch a movie “together”, but any real celebration may have to wait. Once we are together, I’d drive her somewhere quiet, away from the city, and share some of my favourite quartets with her.

    • Andrianes Pinantoan   •     Author

      Darsha, that sounds awesome, but I never knew you can watch a movie “together” in FaceTime. I must be behind the times.

  77. chris   •  

    I’ll be cooking her an amazing dinner and giving her a wonderful massage because I’m broke. Buying us a house will do that! 😉

  78. Susie   •  

    February is a month full of causes for celebration. Contained within the shortest month of the year is my boyfriend’s birthday, Valentine’s day, and our anniversary. Celebrating properly is made difficult by the 3000 kilometres between us – but it’s nearly over! I’m moving across the country to live with him on the 19th of February, which is another thing to celebrate. Though, until then, and on Valentine’s day, we will probably do very little – videochat, a movie, and maybe we’ll eat at the same time as each other. 😛

  79. Garreth   •  

    I’ll probably work and try and help others pick a gift for their sweetheart. Then go home and enjoy hugging my pillow =p.

  80. Sean   •  

    I’ll be practising guitar for a big show my band has on the next night. It’s what day?

  81. J Ottensooser   •  

    would love to buy my GF a nice present, without Gift of the Magi (O’Henri anyone) consequences 😀

  82. Becks   •  

    Friday night – that’s always the night to find me at home with a glass of wine!

  83. Jamie   •  

    Thanks for helping me stay frugal on holiest of days.

  84. Kitt   •  

    A nice dinner and some wine.

  85. J McMillen   •  

    I plan on taking the day off and going up to a unit on the sunshine coast for the weekend. Relaxing time away will be a wonderful way to spend valentines day.

  86. Matthew   •  

    Awesome. This would help a lot! Especially seeings I plan to propose!

  87. Jon   •  

    Go to work, leave on time and have a nice dinner. Sounds so romantic.

  88. Matt   •  

    Plan to take my beautiful wife out, dinner and a movie. We had our first baby in december and haven’t been out alone together since!

  89. Manish   •  

    I will stay at home with her and kids

  90. Gem   •  

    I’m away for work (board meeting) which is particularly unfortunate as it’s our first Valentines Day since our wedding! 🙁

    I’ve left any planning to my husband for the day after, so it will be a surprise for me 🙂

  91. Ben   •  

    With 2 kids under 2, am hoping that I can find a babysitter for the night and take my lovely wife to a special dinner that is nice and cozy. A bottle of champagne and a big beautiful bunch of flowers!

  92. Daniel G   •  

    Will be the first Valentines Day with my GF, so will probably go out for a nice dinner somewhere in the city (maybe finally go and try out Mamasita in Melbourne) and a cocktail bar afterwards!

  93. Rina   •  

    I dont have plans for valentines day. Truth is im still trying to recover from a bad break up that happened 6 months ago. I probably wont be spending $88 on a gift for “him”… but i’ll be sure to be spending it on just me this year.

  94. Lauren Keats   •  

    Awesome, I would love to win this.
    Thanks for all the great giveaways.
    You guys rock.

  95. Christine   •  

    For valentines day I will be working Day and Night… I may be able to sneak in a quick kiss & cuddle with hubby <3

  96. Scott   •  

    I will prepare a lovely dinner with my wife… and also some single friends, so to tell them it’s not such a lonely night without a partner. Because friends are meant to be there for accompany when it’s needed.

  97. Ben   •  

    hopefully i will still hav a girlfriend. Pick her and her roses up from wrk. cook her a lovely meal at home and crack a nice bottle of wine to share

  98. Josephine   •  

    My partner and I will be pretty low-key this Valentines Day; we’re planning on seeing a film in Gold Class, and taking advantage of their bar service/menu.

  99. Cat   •  

    I am going to see Foals live in London on Valentines Day 🙂 Can’t wait!

  100. Manuel   •  

    On Valentine’s day itself we’ll probably just stay at home and watch a movie. But on Feb 15 we will hopefully be able to go out to a restaurant in a lookout without. We’ll have our romantic dinner without all the fuzz and stress of a crowded valentine. Win win

  101. Anna   •  

    I will be spending quality time with my soul mate city because I’m so happy to be back in the place I love, single and all

  102. Stuart Bell   •  

    My wife and I are taking a half day at work, heading out to nice cafe for a late lunch, and staying at a quaint Bed and Breakfast a short drive away.

  103. Alex   •  

    My partner’s birthday is V-day! That makes for high expectations!

    We’re both budget conscious, so she let me get away with going to a nice restaurant… the day after Valentine’s day. On V-day, all the decent restaurants have expensive 3+ course belly blowouts that punish the wallet (and more importantly) the waistline.

    In the website link above, I’ve described pocketbook on google plus. I can’t enter a URL into the Rafflecopter form above.

  104. Thomas Daley   •  

    In ten years I’ve never bought flowers…. $170 will make up for that I think! I’ll even send back photos if I win.

  105. Emms   •  

    Being single doesn’t have to be miserable! There’s a guy I’d been eyeing on so I’ll make the first move. If I don’t see him, then it’s me and my other friends chilling!

  106. Holly   •  

    I have no special plans for Valentines. May catch up over a few drinks with friends. It’s never been a day that’s particularly bothered me as a single person.

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