About Pocketbook

Who we are

Founded in Australia in 2012, Pocketbook was created to empower everyday people by helping them save and spend smarter. We believe everyone should have a chance to fulfil their life financial goals.

Pocketbook was acquired by Zip in 2016 and since then we’ve grown to be Australia's largest personal finance management app and we strive ourselves on making our user’s lives better.

Finances are one of the most important and one of the least understood aspects of daily life. With Pocketbook, we want to make sure everyone can have a chance to live their best financial life. At Pocketbook we measure ourselves on the positive impacts we have on our users’ lives.

We’re a Sydney based team and we love all things finances; from the latest market trends to the biggest discounts we can. We love talking to our users and understanding what we can do to make their lives easier. Humble brag time!

Please contact us with press enquiries or partnership enquiries.

Life's good when you're on top of your money

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